How Early Did Your Entrepreneurship Journey Start?

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I was mulling around the Internet when I came across this interesting blog article by Steve Murphy of Get Busy Media

Leap of Faith

Simply put he describes how he has always felt the pull of entrepreneurship, even from his early school years.  I too understand this feeling, which has been within me for many years.  My first project aged 10 was to form a football team (UK Soccer) fan club (an early membership model) for the school and turn it into a small profit venture.

Wind on to now and I am always viewing opportunities with a business mind.  Not just profit generating ideas but improvements to ‘service’ ideas.  My mind never stops, much to the annoyance of my family.  To me this behaviour is part of who I am, a life-long learning activist and an entrepreneur through and through.

Part of my handbag paraphernalia includes a notebook and pen to jot down any thread of useful information for later use.  This technique has served me well, however odd my family perceive it to be.

When did your entrepreneurial tendency starts and how did they manifest themselves?

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